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What You Need To Know

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Applications for the Sixth Form are handled online through the Aplicaa app:

Entry requirements

All students must attain five 9-4 grades at GCSE (or BTEC Equivalents), preferably with a grade 5 in either English Language or Mathematics. Individual subjects will require a specific grade in a particular subject at GCSE; these subjects include Advanced Level Maths and Science qualifications.

All students will be expected to choose a minimum of 3 A Levels, which they will study for 2 years.

All students will be interviewed by a member of the Sixth Form team. This will enable them to make an informed choice about the best subjects to suit their individual needs. Parents are welcome to discuss these choices with the Sixth Form team following the interview.

Code of Conduct

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Map of the School

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Map: First Floor

Map: Ground Floor







Sixth Form Tutors

6GEO (Year 13)

Mrs A Brown

Mr P Lambert

6RUN (Year 13) 

Mr R Moxon

6VGO (Year 13)

Miss K Wallace

Mrs L Mottram

6JAM (Year 13)

Miss K Brett   

 Mr A Powell

6HOU (Year 13)

Miss L Clowes

6FLO (Year 13)

Mr A Sharpe

6AMO (Year 13)

Mrs P Gamble

6SPI (Year 12)

Mr C Welch

6OMA (Year 13)

Mrs R Elliot

Mrs L Mottram

6MGM (Year 13)

Ms L Jones

6LAR (Year 12)

Ms S McLaren 

 Mr A Powell


6EUE (Year 12)

Ms Fei Wright


6BIS (Year 12)

Mrs C Spencer

6DDC (Year 12)

Ms G Jones   

Mr P Lambert