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Work Experience

As part of the Careers Education and Guidance programme at Tupton Hall School, all Year 10 students are expected to take part in a compulsory work experience programme with an employer. The aim is to help you gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world of work and all that it entails.

The following letter will help parents and carers understand the Tupton Hall work experience programme and may also suggest ways you can help your child find a placement.

LETTER: Year 10 Work Experience (PDF)
For students there is a step by step booklet to help you get the most out of your Work Experience, including ideas to help you start planning

Step by Step Guide to Work Experience (PDF)

Important forms

Please note that you can contact and communicate with employers yourself, but to formally agree a work experience placement the following form will need to be completed.

Employer and Parent Agreement Form (PDF)

This form is filled out by the employer - confirming the placement and that they have Employers' Liability Insurance. It must also be signed by your parent / carer and must be handed in at school.

Note: Derbyshire County Council needs this information promptly in order to carry out Health & Safety checks at workplaces where necessary. If the form is not handed in by Friday 27 March 2020 the checks may not be carried out and your work experience placement may fall through!

The following documents must be given to employers when you visit to discuss / confirm your placement. Please download and print them if necessary.

Employer Introductory Letter (PDF)

Employer Letter of Understanding (PDF)