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At Tupton Hall School we believe it is important that our students come to school dressed smartly and appropriately in a way that shows they are part of the school community. 

Please read this booklet to ensure that our students maintain the highest standards of dress.

To view our Uniform Price List, please click here.

Our chosen school uniform supplier is Clay Cross company Your School Uniform

Uniform can be ordered through the Your School Uniform website or through school using the order form at the bottom of this page.

Tupton Hall branded blazers and PE kit items must be bought through Your School Uniform. This is to ensure that our families get value for money and also to ensure that standards of school dress are consistently high.

Garments such as white shirts, trousers and skirts are also available from Your School Uniform, and these comply with our school dress code.

Before ordering uniform please read the updated School Uniform Guide to ensure you know the school dress code.


The PE kit has been streamlined with new items now available to buy from our supplier Your School Uniform. Existing PE kit items can still be worn, but when a replacement is needed it should be ordered from the new list below.