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Tupton Hall Sixth Formers Participate in ‘13 for 13’ to Raise Money for their Year 13 Prom

Sixth Form students at Tupton Hall Sixth Form have worked hard to raise funds for their dream prom. 

After silently concluding five years of secondary school education during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, students missed out on many key events. Whilst the country adhered to strict lockdown rules, students missed out on their examinations, celebrations and simply enjoying the end of their key stage 4 careers.

Tupton Hall Sixth Formers, Chloe and Mia, are using the difficulties of the past few years to inspire them on their mission to achieve ’13 for 13’. The pair each aim to walk 13,000 steps per day for thirteen days in attempt to raise money for the Tupton Hall Sixth Form’s Year 13 prom. Other students have also participated in this great act of community by walking or running 13km or even swimming 1.3km.

When asked why the Year 13 prom is so important, Chloe commented; “We need to raise money for our Year 13 prom as we didn’t get one in Year 11. We want to make this one extra special, especially as it is at Chatsworth House! We hope to raise £1000 to have things like a photographer, red carpet and table gifts for prom to make the evening unforgettable.”

Chloe also discussed the importance of celebrating young people’s achievements, stating “I think it is important for young people to celebrate their achievements as we have endured so much disappointment over the past few years. Events like the prom and the work to make it amazing also offers us a sense of belonging in a time where young people can feel left behind.”

Mia agreed with Chloe’s comment, adding; “Once all the hard work is complete, it will be amazing to have a great night where we can all come together and celebrate our years at school, as we haven't previously had a real opportunity to. It will be a night to celebrate everyone's experiences and contributions, and hopefully we can make it so everyone will enjoy themselves!"

Tupton Hall Sixth Form’s Higher Education and Post-16 Guidance Officer also recognises the importance of fundraising within the Sixth Form community; “At Tupton Hall Sixth Form, there is a great sense of community spirit and the work that Chloe and Mia are doing really demonstrates the effort that our students put in to supporting a collective cause. The prom means so much to our students because of how limited the opportunity was during the pandemic.”

“I definitely feel that the work that Chloe and Mia have done inspires other students to support each other. I think that taking part in fundraising work is great for our students; it helps them to get involved in shared projects for the benefit of others. The fundraising event also helps to build on really important skills such as organisation, team work, communication skills, perseverance and resilience. Well done to Chloe and Mia and all other students who have participated!”


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