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Life Skills & Wellbeing

Life Skills and Wellbeing is the name given to our curriculum delivery of what used to be known as PSHE. Every week students will study a current topic connected to one of our key themes.

These are:

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Living in the Wider World

  • Relationships and Sexual Education (RSE)

This section contains documents and links to helpful content surrounding Life Skills and Wellbeing topics.

LGBTQ+ Support, Advice & Information

Understanding pronouns

She/her, they/them and he/his. What are they, and why are individuals using them?

Terminology surrounding gender identity and expression

Everyone has a gender identity. For some people, their gender identity corresponds with the gender assigned at birth, for others it does not. Gender identities that differ from the sex assigned at birth, including ones beyond the binary, as well as the ways in which we express them, have existed across the world, for as long as life has existed. 


LGBT History Month - February

The following are some useful websites and links that support the learning in school this month. 


Pride Month - June

Pride Month take place each year through the month of June. At Tupton Hall School we are celebrating with a series of lessons every day that look at the origins of Pride throughout 'Schools Diversity Week'. This will be during the week of 20th June and you can view resources below. There is also a link to Chesterfield's pride event on 24th July.

Relationships & Sexual Health Education Policy

To download the Relationships & Sexual Health Relationship Policy, click the link below:

Life Skills & Wellbeing Parental Guides and Support

The following websites are here as a link to offer support and guidance in the following areas. This supports some of the content that is currently being taught to students. Please use the drop-down menus to navigate through the content. 

Relationships and Sexual Health Education Programme Guide

This guide is an introduction to the delivery of our Relationships and Sexual Health Education programme at Tupton Hall school. It was first released during a consultation evening held in May 2022, where parents and carers were invited to discuss the themes covered. 

There will be more consultation evenings to follow next year. 

In the meantime, should you wish to discuss the content covered, please use the contact and feedback section below to get in touch with your suggestions. 

Download the presentation by clicking here.

Parental Guides and Support for the Digital World

Video Games

Video games are a huge part of a modern teenager's life. Whilst video games can be a great creative outlet and can help to build important skills, they can also become addictive and make your child vulnerable to negative online communications.


The Metaverse

The metaverse is an online environment where people interact, play games and express themselves, but not everyone has good intentions.

  • This guide will help you navigate your way to understanding 'The Metaverse'.



Music videos regularly exceed 50 million views inside their first hour on the platform: that's almost a million views a minute. It’s easy to understand why many are concerned about harmful clips featuring profanity, sex or violence being equally likely to go viral rapidly. The guide also highlights YouTube’s other potential risks.


Extra Information & Support



Mental Health, Wellbeing & Mindfulness

Many young people struggle with mental health issues which can affect their school experience and day to day lives. Some helpful resources have been curated below:



Any student experiencing bullying should be encouraged to discuss their experience with a member of staff. Here are some resources for parents:


Drugs & Substance Abuse

Below are some insightful resources about substance abuse, how to deal with it and how it can affect an individual:


In our digital world, there are many risks in all aspect of media. Below are some helpful resources.

PSHE & Citizenship

Life Skills and Wellbeing Contact and Feedback

Contact the School:

  • Telephone01246 863127
  • Address: Station New Rd, Old Tupton, Chesterfield S42 6LG
  • Email:

Contact our Assistant Headteacher with Responsibility for Personal Development:


Contact Deputy Heads of House: 


Mrs A Robb


Mr N Holland


Mr Pateman


Mrs E Robbins-Emery


Mrs S Elliott

 Impact Days 2021/22

Impact Day December 2021

Students across each year group will be experiencing a day of Life Skills & Wellbeing. 

Each lesson will follow a plan of special lessons covering a selection from our themes;

  • Careers
  • Health and well-being
  • Sexual health
  • Study skills
  • Wider world

We have a range of specialists delivering content from the police to sexual health experts. You can also find advice on how to support from our 'parental guide' and 'extra support' section of this webpage.

If you require any further information about the day, please contact the deputy head of house for your child, details of which can be found in the contact and feedback section. 

Impact Day July 2022

Content to follow closer to the Impact Day.