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'A day for great celebration and joy'

Tupton Hall School students were rewarded for their hard work when they collected their eagerly awaited GCSE results.

This year’s cohort missed out on the chance of sitting their exams, with grades based instead on past performance and teachers’ predictions.

Headteacher Mr Andrew Knowles commented: “I am delighted and relieved that our students are finally receiving the grades that they deserve. After the disappointment of cancelled summer examinations and anxiety over how grades would be awarded, this is a day for great celebration and joy. Our students have earned these grades, and we congratulate all of them on their achievements.”

He explained that the centre assessed grades reflected students’ abilities, attainment and progress in assessments, mock exams, homework, classwork and application throughout their studies. Grades were sent to the examination boards following a rigorous checking process to ensure that each student was treated equally and fairly. This included subject teacher estimates, faculty leader moderation of grades, senior leaders cross moderation and final agreement by the Headteacher.

Mr Knowles added: “I am very satisfied that our students are receiving the grades that they have duly earned and I thank staff for their professionalism and diligence throughout this process.”

“After an unprecedented end to their Year 11 studies we now hope that all of our students can progress on to their chosen destination; either into sixth form, college, training providers or apprenticeships. We are here to help all of them take this next step with renewed confidence, self-belief, ambition and aspiration.”

“Together with our Year 13 students, these young people have had to deal with great adversity and therefore deserve all of our efforts and resources to support them. The staff here are very proud of our students. They have shown great resilience and strength during the Covid-19 crisis which will be needed for the foreseeable future. We wish them all well and once again congratulate them on their achievements.”

  • Libby Morrell was the highest ranked student in the year group, achieving an astonishing 8 grade 9s. Collecting her results she beamed: “I’m really  happy! I’m so surprised because I just didn’t know what to expect with all the uncertainty that has led up to today.” Libby is considering a career in law but is keeping her options open by taking A Levels in Spanish, Sociology, English Literature and Law. She starts at Tupton Hall Sixth Form in September. She added: “I have always tried really hard at my school work but also tried to enjoy it as well – that way it doesn’t feel like there’s as much pressure.”

  • Another of the highest ranked students, Andrew Carter, achieved the unthinkable – studying for 9 GCSEs and an A Level. His final results comprised five grade 9s, three grade 8s, one grade 7 and an A* in Maths A Level. Andrew said: “I think my friends thought I was crazy, and it did feel like a lot of work at times. I had to do some studying at home because I couldn’t fit everything into my school timetable and the teachers have been really supportive as well as my family.” From September Andrew will continue his studies at Tupton Hall Sixth Form, doing A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Further Maths. He added: “It’s been a long six months away from school and obviously disappointing not to be able to sit exams. But I’m happy with what I’ve got and I will get the chance to achieve again at the end of my A Levels.”

  • Lydia Stone is another high-achiever who will carry on to study at Tupton Hall Sixth Form. She achieved two grade 9s, two grade 8s, 3 grade 7s and one grade 6. Lydia said: “I’m amazed at some of these grades – I’ve gone up a grade in some subjects compared to my mock results.” Lydia will take A Levels in English Language, English Literature, Sociology and Drama. She has hopes of being a teacher one day, inspired by her GCSE English teacher Mr Newton. She added: “I can relax for a bit now. It’s been stressful so I’m happy the wait is over.”

  • Dedicated student Hannah Spencer’s hard work paid off as she opened her results envelope to reveal seven grade 9s and a grade 8. She said: “School has been great. When I came to the Year 6 open evening all those years ago I wanted to skip Year 6 and start at Tupton Hall straight away - I knew I would love it.” “The teachers have always been so supportive. I always know they are on my side. I can’t wait to start sixth form now.” Hannah will study A Levels in Maths, Drama, Psychology and Law at Tupton Hall Sixth Form.

  • James Wilbourne said he was glad to be back in school after the sudden lockdown took away his chance to properly finish Year 11. “We made the most of the last day and we will have our prom next year – although by then it will be more like a reunion,” he said. James achieved stunning grades: seven grade 9s, one grade 8 and one grade 7. He said: “I wasn’t expecting that many 9s! My mocks went well but with all the changes and uncertainty around A Levels in the last few weeks I didn’t know what to expect. But I trust the teachers and the process – they know what I would have achieved.” James’ grades take him to Tupton Hall Sixth Form where he will embark on A Levels in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. “These have always been my favourite subjects,” he said, “I hope to go into science and engineering after university.”

Many students made impressive progress from their starting points on arrival from primary school. Alex Robinson put his five grade 8s, two grade 7s and one 6 down to ‘a lot of hard work.’ He will do A Levels in German, PE and Chemistry from September and hopes his ability in languages will guide his career path.

While many students will continue their studies at Tupton Hall Sixth Form, others are going to college to study vocational courses and apprenticeships.

Other high performing individuals:

  • Libby Morrell: 8 grade 9s
  • Chloe Wakeling: 8 grades 9 to 7
  • Kieraan Pattar: 8 grades 9 to 8
  • Joshua Davis: 8 grades 9 to 6
  • William Nelson: 8 grades 9 to 6
  • Andrew Musk: 8 grades 9 to 6
  • Caleb Milburn: 8 grades 9 to 7
  • Alicia Hart: 9 grades 9 to 5

Other students making outstanding progress from their Year 7 starting points:

  • Alex Robinson: 8 grades 8 to 6
  • Evie Twell: 8 grades 8 to 6
  • William Fisher: 8 grades 9 to 6
  • Sophie Kenward-Sullivan: 8 grades 9 to 5
  • Brooke Gregory: 8 grades 8 grades 8 to 5