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Breast Art Project Inspires Students

Students across school have contributed to an inspiring, stigma-breaking art project.

Students were joined by artist, Lois Blackburn, school nurses, and members of the Personal Development Team where they created breast-inspired artwork.

The individual pieces sewn by students will form part of a larger project of national contributions; a quilt which will be shared anonymously in the Glasgow Women’s Library as part of the project's legacy.

The three workshops allowed students to create work whilst discussing their stories and feelings, discussing concerns and opinions about screening and checking breasts. One student commented; “It is an amazing thing to offer to young people as it can help ease insecurity and normalise our bodies.”

Lois described the workshops as: “an opportunity to share individual breast stories; experiences, hopes and fears”, recognising the importance of projects that tackle “taboo” topics. She commented: “This project aims to help teenagers, women, non-binary and the trans community to feel empowered, build self-confidence and resilience.” Over the years of running art projects, Lois found that sharing stories can help people externalise difficult issues, feel less alone and support other people with similar issues and challenges.