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STEM Networking

Year 8s have been quizzing people who work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) as part of British Science Week.

The 'Speed Networking' event allowed students to speak to the STEM Ambassadors about their careers and how they developed their interest in science.

The visitors included:

  • A PHD student working on vaccine development
  • A railway engineer
  • An environmental consultant
  • An optometrist

"The students are rotating between tables around the room so that they all meet the STEM ambassadors," said Mrs Humphreys, Head of Lower School Science at Tupton Hall School. 

"Hopefully this activity will broaden their idea of what a science-related job is. The ambassadors are all local people - men and women - doing a variety  of different jobs."

Students asked questions like 'What do you do?', 'How did you get into this job?', 'What sparked your love of science?' and 'What did you do at school that has helped you in your career?'

Mrs Humphreys added: "The conversations our students are having today should help them see what routes into science are available to them. They are currently choosing their GCSE options, so this is an important time for Year 8s to think hard about their futures."