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Students Learn Beyond the Curriculum on Impact Day

Impact Days see students taught off curriculum and immersed in PSHE topics.

The events are designed to be engaging, interesting and thought-provoking, following Tupton Hall School's key ideals of showing respect for others, being able to empathise with those around you and tolerating those who are different and celebrating those differences. 

On Tuesday, 21st December, students were able to participate in an exciting Impact Day. Students across each year group experienced a day of Life Skills & Wellbeing, following themes of careers, health and well-being, sexual health, study skills and wider world. Students gathered in the Richard Smith Hall to listen to inspiring talks battling bullying, attended lessons discussing the effects of social anxiety and how to best cope with them and learnt about memory and cognitive learning.

External providers also attended the Impact Day. The fantastic, PrisonMeNo Way! (PMNW), visited the school to discuss the difficulties of prison life and the life of crime that some find themselves accidentally caught in. There were touching stories from prisoners, who detailed their own anecdotes of prison life. PMNW also brought their replica prison cell to Tupton Hall School, and students were able to have a look around and envision what life is like for prisoners. 

PMNW's replica prison cell

Year 7 students attended a stand against violence assembly, participated in the festive 'Elf Run', and discussed environmental impact. Year 8 covered topics such as alcohol, sexual health, and had the chance to discuss their future option choices and begin to decide which subjects are best suited to them. Year 9 students discussed hygiene, attended a Sexual Health workshop delivered by external providers & discussed alcohol. Year 10 also participated in the Sexual Health workshop and took part in time management tasks amongst other activities. Year 11 had the opportunity to work with PMNW and discussed domestic violence, drugs, fire safety, gangs, 'one punch', county lines & prison. 

In previous speeches, Headteacher, Mr Knowles, has discussed Tupton Hall School's mission to  support the 'entire child' in more than just an educational sense, and Impact Days are designed to help attain that goal. More information about Impact Days can be found here.