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'Tuptonopoly' is Launched

Tupton Hall School acknowledges the importance of good attendance and has created 'Tuptonopoly' to inspire students to attend every day.

Many studies have shown that higher attendance has a direct correlation to better grades, and after two years of disrupted learning due to the pandemic, keeping students in education is more crucial than ever. As such, the school is always thinking of new ways to motivate students to arrive on time and attend every day that they are able to.

Tupton Hall School's Attendance Officer, Mrs Pellow, had an innovative idea to track students' attendance and reward them for achieving 100% attendance each week. The idea? Tuptonopoly. Tuptonopoly is presented as a bright and engaging game where 100% attendance earns students the chance to roll giant dice and advance for their House. When asked about the success of Tuptonopoly, Mrs Pellow said; "The students who have had a roll of the dice were pretty excited. There is an opportunity to win 'on the spot' prizes by landing on a starred space. (these tend to be edible treats for the whole form to share)."

Mrs Pellow continued; ""I've found that we have an extremely competitive set of students who are also very led by their stomachs and sweet teeth (the Heads of Houses, too). It's a quirky adaptation of something familiar to the students, many hoping to land on their street, or somewhere they know.' When asked what advice she would give to a student who's struggling to make it into school, Mrs Pellow said;

"Trust us! We really do care and if you are unwell, we have superb pastoral and medical staff who will take care of you and get you back home if needed. In school, being busy and surrounded by your friends is the best place for you unless your contagious, and the day will go so much faster."

"Parents, we are here to support you. We all wake up some mornings and struggle, would prefer to turn the alarm off and go back to sleep. But school is all about preparation for adulthood, so we need to build some resilience in with our children. If they need some medication, it can be brought in to school, ensure that relevant forms are filled out, and we will make sure that it is kept securely and made available appropriately. But talk to us, keep us in the loop and let us educate your children by making sure that they are here."